Our Contingent approach provides you backup

Our Contingency Search option is beneficial for clients seeking assistance when their own internal efforts have not been successful.  Typically, early to mid-level career roles are hard to fill and highly competitive. Often an external resource is needed. When you give the Contingency assignment to Kissam, you get the help of an experienced industry professional, the go-to method for hiring success.

  • You contact us with your position details. A service fee is only due when you hire our candidate, so your signed agreement is all we need to get started.
  • Kissam screens all candidates to help identify who are the right fit.
  • Comprehensive reference checks will be provided by Kissam as needed.
  • We brief the selected candidates, provide counsel and help them prepare for interviews.
  • Kissam will assist clients with candidate offers and closing.
  • Requires a minimum 30-day exclusive, meaning no other recruiting firms may be engaged by the client during this time.

This is a great option to become familiar with how Kissam AgSearch International works with clients. Clients will benefit from Contingent AgSearch™ from Kissam as there is no deposit required upfront so you can expedite the assignment.


For ag candidates, we are highly qualified to help

When you engage Kissam AgSearch International as your partner in recruiting you will agree. There’s no need to look further to find the right recruiter for the job.

Topher Kissam delivers. He will help you find the persons you need for your open positions. We know that to earn your business we must deliver a list of qualified candidates for each assigned position. After more than 30 years in the business, Kissam knows how to get the job done.

Kissam may not take every assignment. Our promise is that we will pass on any job where we do not feel that we can deliver. So please don’t be offended if someone says “no” to a request. We’re not rejecting you. We’re simply letting you know the assignment is not a fit for Kissam AgSearch International.


Our Engaged AgSearch option offers additional benefits

Kissam doesn’t believe in “one-size-fits-all”.

That’s why we have two basic approaches to recruiting with the flexibility to customize something that is just the right fit.

Our most popular offer is Engaged AgSearch. You can examine the range of benefits that may help your organization find the right people with an upgrade to the highest level of service.