We make working together easy.

We know how hard it can be to find the right person for a job. We do it everyday.

We want to make it easy to do business with us since it’s a tough job. It’s important to our success to focus our efforts on finding people for your open positions.

That’s why we offer two basic approaches for our recruiting agreements, with flexibility to adapt to your needs.


Providing the focused effort you need to get the job filled ASAP

Our focus every day is finding qualified people. The best qualified talent for your open position. With Engaged AgSearch you take full advantage of all we have to offer.

We dedicate all of our resources exclusively to develop a top candidate list for your posting.

We aggressively seek candidates on a timeline to expedite interviews.

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Finding candidates when your initial recruiting effort needs a boost

We can join your effort to recruit candidates along with your internal team. We realize larger organizations have resources available to start the recruiting process. But those resources may be stretched thin, or not have the connections to bring forward the pool of candidates you seek.

We ask for nothing upfront, other than your commitment to work exclusively with us for 30 days.

It’s a risk-free way for you to learn how we work and how we can help.

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We deliver qualified candidates

Our work is focused on finding the right candidates for you. We look for people who have the right education, solid qualifications, applicable experience, and a personal fit for your position and organization. Spending time getting to know people is a key part of the process.

It helps that we have a culture based on the experience of our founder, Topher Kissam. After more than three decades, he has gotten to know thousands of people who provide an extensive network to support his effort. He has a keen sense of who would be the right fit for your organization.

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Topher helped me find the
best job I ever had.

Jeff Whetstine, V.P. Global Marketing