We help you find the right people to create an engaging, productive and profitable organization

Kissam AgSearch International is a recruitment consultancy that provides a comprehensive service that works with you to identify the role requirements in your organization, design the job description and skill requirements for that role, and recruit the best candidates from around the world to fulfill your needs.

We use our network of professionals across the agriculture and related industries to find the right person for each job.

At Kissam AgSearch International, you get the personal attention of Topher Kissam, a professional recruiter with decades of experience, and a proven track record of placing the right talented individuals in the best opportunities.


Why choose Kissam?

It’s a competitive world. Lockdowns changed the way we work. A tight labor market has given individuals more options than ever before.

Never has your job of finding people been as challenging. We can help.

Finding and retaining the best talent is a time-consuming task. That’s why our clients call Kissam AgSearch when they need to fill a position. We take on the burden of finding the right person. Because it is our singular focus, we can provide candidates you may not have discovered otherwise. Our goal is always to deliver a qualified employee to fill your need.


Focus on Your Mission
While We Focus on Bringing You New Talent

Christopher ``Topher`` Kissam - Managing Director

Using a lifetime of experience, we deliver the talent you need

We offer comprehensive recruiting approach to help you define your needs, prepare a competitive package, and gain access to an array of candidates you may not otherwise consider.

With our Company as a strategic recruiting partner, you can focus on your human resource priorities and developing your current employees, while we do the work of finding new talent to join your team.

He is always on top of his game and attracts excellent talent due to his quality experience, contacts, and likeable character. Professionally and personally, I have always enjoyed working with Topher.

Bob Trogele, PhD.

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, American Vanguard

Topher’s a first class business partner. He’s always prepared, he’s fair, he does what he promises, and follows up very well.

Rick Rice

Director, Application Technology

Topher is outstanding at what he does. He is thoughtful, strategic, fair, helpful, responsive.

Justin Taylor, M.S.

Business Development Executive

With help from Kissam AgSearch, you’ll find the right person for the right position.