About Topher Kissam

Christopher “Topher” Kissam is widely known and is a top-performing executive recruiter in the Agriculture and Horticulture products markets. For over 30 years, Topher has been instrumental in fulfilling many searches and is diversified in his methodology.  Topher has earned the loyalty and confidence of his peers and is considered by many in the industry to be a trusted advisor.

Topher has placed hundreds of high-quality professionals and has built himself into an industry leader concentrating on the unique needs, requirements and future successes of each client and candidate he places. Since 1992, achieving quality results has been paramount to his success. After having proven himself as a top performer in Agricultural Recruiting, Topher launched his own firm, Kissam AgSearch International, in January 2023.

As an industry renowned professional recruiter, Topher has shown the ability to maintain full discretion with his candidates and clients while consistently upholding a high-level of trust and integrity.  Topher’s expertise centers on getting results for clients and the ability to recruit the best talent available in the industry on a consistent basis.

With his own professional, yet personal approach, he will continue to serve his clients as President of his own independent, family-owned organization based in Altamonte Springs, Florida.


How did you get the name “Topher”?

“Topher” is the last half of (and short for) Christopher. When Topher was born, his older brother “Tread” at the ripe age of 3 had difficulty pronouncing his given name.

Instead, he would emphasize the last half. Once their mother decided that “Topher” was the name he would go by, the rest was history.

Pictured here are the two brothers Tread and Topher enjoying a duck hunting trip together.